Shoe shine & repair


Full leather sole & RH
Leather sole & RH
Lightweight stick on sole & RH
Rubber heel
Rubber sole & RH

RH = Rubber Heel


Lightweight stick on sole
Lightweight stick on sole & RH
Rubber sole & RH
Rubber toes & RH
Stiletto metal
Stiletto rubber
Toes only

RH = Rubber Heel

Making change

Our shoe repair and shine department are always glad to see an old comfy pair of shoes come through their doors.

We specialise in all types of shoes and boot repairs - both mens and ladies. We can perform almost any job from the smallest peice of stitching right up to a full long sole. 

Brands you can trust

The Big Green Laundry only uses trusted brands.

The Big Green Laundry delivery and collection dry cleaning service

Here is how it works...
Drop off or collect

you can arrange collection of your item by calling 01268 510 591, emailing our team, [email protected] or book a pickup using our app.

Fresh and environmentally friendly

The Big Green Laundry only used environmentally safe detergents which not only clean but cares for your garments.


You can collect from our shop or we can deliver your laundered items, cleaned and pressed, right to your door.

Dry cleaning collection and delivery service